Syracuse, NY – The popular West End Bar & Grille has released its to-date 2015 concert schedule. This year’s schedule includes the Eric Church Fan Club event on Thursday, August 27th. As local bands realized that it was difficult to find venues that would allow them to play at The Great New York State Fair, they searched and discovered a treasure at the west end of the Fair grounds, The West End Bar & Grille’s Cabana Deck and stage. Offering CNY’s most talented bands a high profile and strongly attended concert location, the local performers have to vie for a slot on the schedule as far in advance as a year.

Owner and Operator of the West End Bar & Grille, Carmen Davoli, saw the opportunity to feature some of the most sought out local bands such as Letizia and the Z Band, Billionaires, Brass Inc., Horn Dogs, and Chris Taylor Band, over ten years ago. “The NYS Fair brings in national acts for the Grandstand and other areas throughout the Fair. I wanted to give our great local talent a venue to play and to get additional exposure on a larger level. I offer the bands the exposure they seek while providing our patrons some exciting and incredible performances”, Davoli said. “It has been an absolute win-win for all of us”.

Davoli uses the slogan, “Meet Us At The West End” because he has heard the comment said by his patrons year after year as they make plans with their friends and family.  “Our patrons have become our family. They make The West End their starting and ending point for their annual visit to the Fair.  I heard the expressions, “meet us at the West End” so many times that I decided to make it our slogan”, Davoli said. “We love seeing our friends every year and they love seeing us”.

The West End Deck & Cabana Bar is a one of a kind venue at the Fair. It offers sit-down tables, oversized umbrellas, waitresses to serve the made to order fresh Fair food, an extensive variety of cold beer, televisions to watch patron’s favorite sporting events, and the band’s stage. They can also offer their patrons some very interesting sites as patrons watch fair-goers passing by on the midway and Kiddieland. The West End offers a place to relax, laugh, sing-along, eat, and kick-back with a cold beverage. This is the epitome of what the Great New York State Fair is!

And additionally Join Y 94 at the West End on opening day of The Great NYS Fair for a live broadcast from 5:00 am to 9:00 am.  Listen for West End information on Y 94 daily.  Enter to win two SU football tickets—go to Y 94’s website for details. Enjoy Y 94’s great music!!!!!!

The West End Bar & Grille is the sister eatery to the New Cahoots Ale House, located on Food Row across from Anna’s (near Gate 4). Cahoots Ale House showcases its new country-western atmosphere, food and beverage.

For additional information, please contact Carmen Davoli at (315) 445-8532.